Celebrating 25 Years

Wright Choices, Inc. celebrates 25 years of providing employment services to persons with disabilities. In 1995, the administrative office for Wright Choices, Inc. was at the founders’ duplex in Yorktown, VA. Interviews for job coaches were conducted at the kitchen table. $300 of saved up change was used to purchase the first copy machine. Compare that to the hundreds of persons with disabilities that we now serve every year (and not out of the dining room anymore).

Over these 25 years, Wright Choices, Inc. has been able to establish themselves as a leader in the employment services to persons with disabilities. For several years, a sister company, Patosta’s Deli, was established providing work opportunities for students with disabilities. In addition to individual placement supported employment services, a group model for supported employment was established providing yard work and cleaning services.

Although Patosta’s Deli and the yard and cleaning services are no longer a service provided by Wright Choices, Inc., new programs such as Pre-Employment Transition Services, Customized Employment, and Community Support Services has been add to the array of services now offered.

We encourage those that have interfaced with Wright Choices, Inc. throughout these years to provide some of those great memories.