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Wright Choices, Inc. has an immediate opening for a Supported Employment Manager. Wright Choices, Inc. is a leader in Virginia providing employment and employment support services to persons with disabilities contracted by the Virginia Department of Aging & Rehabilitative Services since 1995.

Candidates must have thorough knowledge of supported employment best practices, supervisory experience over job coaching staff, and excellent reputation with DARS counselors. The administrative office is located in Hampton, VA.


$37,000 – $48,000 + Bonuses

Health Insurance Benefits

Sick & Vacation Benefits

Send resume, cover letter, and salary history via email or fax: 757-224-6915.

For more information regarding Wright Choices, Inc., visit our website at


Job Purpose:

To ensure quality, effective, and efficient situational assessments, job development, training and follow-along services are provided by all job coaches that provide supported employment services to persons with disabilities. Ensure supported employment services are an effective program. To develop and create successful program expansion.

General Management & Administrative Duties

  • Build a positive Wright Choices, Inc. reputation with all DARS Hampton Roads offices.
  • Assign all referrals and intakes to appropriate Employment Support Professionals.
  • Ability to understand and convey the intricacies of supported employment to all stakeholders.
  • Ability to demonstrate good judgment with stakeholders.
  • Ability to convey a positive and professional representation of WCI.
  •  Ability to promote a positive work environment.
  • Develop and enforce quality work procedures.
  • Provide staff development in-services.
  • Ability to provide administrative functions on the database system.
  • Organize and facilitate 1 monthly mandatory staff meeting.



  • Thorough knowledge and assurance of Employment Support Professionals (Job Coaches) following their respective job descriptions and expectations.
  • Supervise all staff on the leadership team.
  • Conduct timely employee reviews.
  • Monitoring of Employment Support Professionals’ (Job Coaches) caseloads.
  • Organization and maintenance of staffs’ weekly schedules.
  • Oversee all Situational Assessment cases and conduct monthly Assessment Team Meetings.
  • Review all monthly reports sent to ensure quality prior to being sent out.
  • Ensure reports and RFAs are submitted on a timely basis.


Point of Contact Communication

  • Primary point of contact for all service problems.
  • Primary point of contact for all referrals and case issues.
  • Conduct monthly meetings to review cases with the DRS offices.
  • Conduct group & 1:1 meetings with DARS Counselors to facilitate trust with WCI management.


IPS Growth Management

  • Attend regional Provider Forums and Employment Network Meetings.
  • Recommend improvement to services.
  • Develop recommendations for IPS Program Services Annual Goals.
  • Increase the referral base and active caseloads from the Southside DRS offices


Risk Management

  • Conduct monthly reviews and hold meetings for to resolve “red flag” cases.
  • Recommend suspension or termination of employees to the CEO and conduct termination procedures for all IPS staff.
  • Document all complaints in the Lauris database system.
  • Resolve IPS service complaints and/or concerns
  • Identification of and coordination to resolve “troubled” cases in each SE phase based on quantified data.
  • Conduct Employee Performance Improvement Plans for all unsatisfactory work.


CARF Standards Ownership

  • Employment Services Principle Standards (IPS division only).
  • Program/Service Structure (IPS division only).
  • Employment Services Principles (IPS division only).
  • Employment Planning Services (IPS division only).



  • IPS Program & Services Structure: Chairperson
  • Human Resources: Member
  • Marketing: Member



Knowledge Base

  • DARS
  • CARF
  • CSB
  • Situational Assessment Best Practices
  • Job Development Best Practices
  • Training & Follow-Along Best Practices
  • Thorough knowledge of diagnoses of persons served.



  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in human services or related fields of study.
  • Minimum of 3 years working in the supported employment field.
  • Minimum of 3 years in a supervisory role.
  • Strong knowledge of DARS & CARF standards.
  • Must have excellent management skills and ability to satisfactorily work with the management team.

Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

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