Group Employment

Wright Choices, Inc. is the Leader in Employment Services.

We offer a variety of programs to meet each individuals’ needs.

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Facts about Wright Choices, Inc.

In 2014, Wright Choices, Inc.
  • Paid Individuals with Disabilities more than $88,000 in wages
  • Employed 35 Individuals with Disabilities in the Enclave Program
  • Paid Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities for over 12,000 hours worked at $7.25 per hour
  • Group Employment Services served 38 Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Student training and employment program

  • Wright Choices, Inc. offers a Student Training and Employment Program (STEP) that provides students with foundational occupational skills.
  • The primary goal is to increase independent functioning by preparing students to work in community-based employment.
  • To achieve this goal we assist students with a smooth and effective transition from school-to-work or to further education/training.

Examples of instructional supports that we provide are to provide students with functional life and employment skills necessary for the school-to-work transition are:

  • ADL (Activities of Daily Living)- Basic skills such as cleaning, hygiene, meal planning and preparation, money management, arranging social activities, and use of public transportation.
  • Assistive Technology and accommodations to reinforce independence, increase functionality, skill level, and increase receptive abilities.
  • Vocational evaluations and situational assessments.
  • Hands on community-based training at “real” work setting.
  • Competitive employment preparation.
  • Interview preparation.
  • Development of job skills incorporating behavioral, sensory, attitudinal, and processing needs.
  • Development of functional employment skills in a Least Restrictive (work) Environment that prepares students for social integration and how to navigate various emotions, settings, situations, changes, and other “unexpected” daily work occurrences.
  • Pre-vocational tasks and duties that address fine and gross motor challenges and implement strategies for self-regulatory sensory feedback.
  • Provides a structured plan to develop healthy coping skills, workplace behaviors, communication, and self-advocacy.
  • Community links and awareness necessary for successful transition into the “adult” world.